Greener Pastures is a company that specializes in recruiting overseas and local nurses and other health professionals for permanent and temporary positions in the NHS, private hospitals, nursing homes and residential homes. We are a full-service Care Recruitment Agency with a unique approach. We strive to help nurses and other health professionals trained internationally and in the UK find a job best suited for their skills and interests in the NHS and communities in UK and Ireland. 

Greener Pastures Ltd spares no effort to help the NHS, private hospitals and directors of all types of care industries struggling with finding permanent or temporary caregivers needed for the optimum delivery of care to both patients and clients. We achieve this by bringing to your doorstep trained caregivers from overseas and locally that are suitable and perfect for any potential role you need occupied.

Our mission is to provide a remedy for the sparseness of staff in the NHS and other care industries in the UK and Ireland.